Thursday, September 21, 2006

Christine Pawley's "Libraries"

I appreciated Pawley's simple, yet detailed breakdown presentation of the various niches within the library world; it was a nice way to ease into the course, as well as the LIS program as a whole--at least for someone like myself, who knows precisely what I want to do, but am nevertheless still attempting to wrap my head around it all! How surprised the general public would be if they only knew...

I was particularly intrigued by the historical framework regarding the ideology behind the library as grounds of neutrality. It probably goes without saying (as I doubt I'm not alone here) that this ideal is one of librarianship's primary draws. That said, however, the realist/cynic in me recognizes the impossibility of such ideals--in the grand scheme of life, there's no such thing--and no institution is without bias/outside influence (i.e. donor power, gender roles, the expectation of the stereotypical happy female librarian...). So, perhaps, being aware of our professional limitations, along with the importance of our goals, while consciously seeking to close the gap is ultimately what truly matters. It's good to have something to strive for.


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