Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tefko Saracevic's "Information Science"

I found Saracevic's conclusion that information science and librarianship be not one and the same particularly intriguing because I agree. Although I'm probably way off base, and readily admit, limitly informed, the term "information science" is rather cold, calling to (my) mind a grim, gray space. That's not the library I know! The library world may in many ways be much indebted to the field of information science--the two having evolved into partnering professions--but what the library gives to the community doesn't begin and end with technology; the human element is at it's core, for partnering with patrons in pursuit of knowledge is the purpose after all.

(Random thought: I love, love the eerie beauty of this quote, "Information is that which affects or changes the state of mind..." (p. 1054). Definitely a point to ponder.)


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