Monday, October 16, 2006

Urban Library Program in St. Paul

Regarding Segregation in Libraries:

Here is a library program that seeks to educate people who are not necessarily white and who desire to work in the library system. It is a 2 year program that trains people to become paraprofessionals in libraries. I'd be interested in knowing what people think about this...

Urban Library Program at the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, MN


At 10:22 AM, Blogger TRP said...

Althouh this program is great and has been quite successful in its outreach efforts to minority groups (not so much with Latinos yet though). I just wish that they gave their students more opportunities to get excited about the Librarian positions. The professional positions are where minorities are REALLY needed and it's unfortunate that they don't work harder to get folks on that track. One thing that would help is if St. Catherine's were to develope some kind of minority scholarship to help people pay for both undergrad and graduate studies. That is a real barrier that keeps lots of people from applying there.

I'd also like to more libraries in the metro area start partnering with the program and help students get jobs. I think Minneapolis is now on board, but what about Hennepin County, Dakota County, Washington County, etc? To really make this work on a big scale, we need everyone to buy into it and commit to help make it happen.

The National REFORMA listserv has been talking a lot lately about how most of the Latinos who work in libraries are paraprofessionals and very few are Librarians. It's not good. I think programs like Urban Libraries could play a stronger roll in this campaign.


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