Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gaming @ Your Library

I mentioned this in a previous entry, but just found an ALA News Release about a new book about the benefits of gaming. For those of us interested in public and academic libraries, we are certainly going to have to think about this issue.

Press Releases
Chicago, IL, November, 07 2006 -

ALA TechSource is pleased to announce the publication of its latest issue of Library Technology Reports, “Gaming and Libraries: Intersection of Services” by Jenny Levine, librarian, author of the popular The Shifted Librarian blog, and an avid gamer.

Libraries and Gaming Case Studies Numerous detailed examples of what libraries are already doing—including public, school, and academic libraries—provide Levine the springboard to illustrate how librarians can reap positive gains by proactively, creatively, and (above all) affordably integrating gaming into the services and programs already offered at your library.

Read the section “But They're Not Books!” to discover how things look when you turn the question “Why gaming?” on its head.
Focus on educational value as she shows how these “cognitive workouts” are proven to enhance the development of learning and literacy skills.
Get insights into the social value of gaming—an activity that cuts across age, socioeconomic groups, gender, and technical know-how—from “Meet the Gamers.” (Did you know that the biggest group of online gamers is women older than 40?)

Learn how other libraries, with creative planning and little money, have incorporated gaming services for a big return on investment. In addition, Levine briefly looks at the popular and rapidly growing virtual-reality online community Second Life and the library services now being offered there.


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