Sunday, September 17, 2006

"Information Ecologies" reading

The authors of this book stressed the approach of using technology with heart. I felt that this viewpoint was a bit naive. Where do we set our limits and how do we determine them? The authors often contradict this viewpoint, especially when they write that we can change technology but only when we participate and engage ourselves with it. This is a valid argument, until they add: "Resistance is sometimes a part of the strategy, but we believe it is a flawed approach if used by itself, because it disempowers" (215). I feel that using technology with heart also disempowers and that it is a form of resistance. I believe that the best part of the Internet is that it has the potential to overcome the influence of the mass media and government. As the authors write, technology does not often inhibit expression. It certainly is up to the user as to how to take advantage of this as he or she chooses. Many people do use the Internet irresponsibly, but as the authors write: "technology regulates always a step ahead of us...and has the potential to completely overwhelm us" (210). But it is only with the constant use and updating of technology that we can regulate it and begin to engage with it.
In other words, I completely agree with the authors that users and uses must continue to coevolve.


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