Monday, November 27, 2006

Wikipedia Readings for Group 2

Here are the readings for our presentation Monday. There are three readings but two are really short actual wikipedia entries and are a good introduction to what the presentation will be covering. The Library Journal article is a general background on what Wikipedia does well and what it doesn't do so well and some issues that have risen with the unique peer editing aspect of Wikipedia.

"I want my Wikipedia" by B.X.Miller

The above article is up on our website but I figured most would appreciate a direct link.

History of Wikipedia

Criticisms of Wikipedia

Also here is a link to our website. We will be going over its contents in class but feel free to browse.

Ok and finally here is a bibliography of the articles we used in get this project rolling. They are not part of the reading for class Monday but some are pretty interesting if you have the desire for some extra (and not incredibly difficult) reading. Annotations will be posted shortly to allow an overview of the below articles.

Barack, L. “A Wiki War on Vandals.” School Library Journal 52.5 (2006): 24.

Bates, M. E. “Truth and Fiction on the Web.” Online 30.2 (2006): 64.

Binkley, P. “Wikipedia Grows Up.” Feliciter 52.2 (2006): 59-61.

Effert, Robert. “Wikipedia, the Review." School Library Journal 52.3 (2006): 82-85.

Graff, K. “Wikipedia Will Change the World.” Booklist 102.16 (2006): 76.
“History of Wikipedia.” Wikipedia. 2006. Wikipedia. 4 November 2006 <>.

Ishizuka, K. “The Wikipedia Wars.” School Library Journal 50.11 (2004): 24-5.

McPherson, Keith. “Wikis and Literacy Development.” Teacher Librarian 34.1(2006):

Nicholson, P. J. “The Changing Role of Intellectual Authority.” ARL 247 (2006): 1-5.

Richardson, Will. “WHAT’S A WIKI? A Powerful C


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