Monday, October 09, 2006

a reaction to blogging and youth culture from a conservative perspective (not mine)

After class today I was reading an online news aggregator, Rawstory which carried a piece about the fear among some circles of conservative Christians regarding blogs. It's an interesting read, using biblical texts, which I will admit I am not well versed, to make the claim for the danger of blogging as it related to youth and youth culture, and instead advocating for letter writing, and (interestingly enough) instant messanging. I read through the site to make sure that it was not a joke, or a cultural critique of the "religious right", and from what I can tell, this site seems to be very heart-felt and genuine about their views. It must be said emphatically that I do not support their postions (moral, theological or otherwise) in any way, shape or form, I am merely posting them because i think they offer a different perspective on what we are engaging in a part of this class. I also fully realize that this group does not speak for all of conservative Christianity or all of Christianity as a whole.


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